The Expedition Interview; Let Me Excite You

With spring comes the inflamed need for summer to approach as quickly as possible and, along with it, every monster movie stomping its way to our screens. Dinosaurs, robots, alien invasions and so forth are creeping towards our blistering sun bliss and in that mix is a new found footage film courtesy of Adam Spinks and Ben Loyd-Holmes that drops us into the heart of the deepest jungles to deal with a predator that definitely sees us as an entry on the go!

What inspired you (and Ben Loyd-Holmes) to create The Expedition?

Adam Spinks (Director/Writer/Producer)
     What drives The Expedition is a shared passion for the possibility of discovery. Be that of unknown animals or creatures but also, of discovery within ourselves. When we first sat down to write the movie, we spent a lot of hours designing and imagining the characters. It was important to me not to favour spectacle over substance and to really make sure that The Expedition was full of engaging characters with their own stories and subtleties. I knew that if we could get that
element of the film right, then when the spectacle arrives, and believe me it does! Then as an audience, our engagement with the story would be all the more personal and exciting.

Ben Loyd-Holmes(Producer/Writer/Actor)
     For me, the natural world is the most wonderful thing… the possibility, the unknown and the combination of an environment that can provide you everything and can turn on you in an instant. It makes a great setting for a film, gives your characters hurdles from the get go. I had the initial idea and was fleshing it out, looking at the technology to create the creatures and it all started falling into place. I got in touch with Adam knowing it would be a project he would be interested
in and we got to work with the shooting script and casting the project.

Where did the concept for the apex predator come from?

Adam Spinks
     I signed on to the project fully aware that the creature in the film was going to be a dinosaur. I know Ben had been working on the idea for some time before I was even attached and I think, for him, the project kicked into over-drive when he discovered the technology to create a practical, in-camera eeffect. 

Ben Loyd-Holmes:
     I think, in reality, to a human being most of the predators we come across in the wild are apex, at least compared to us. As a species we have lost all of our natural defense mechanisms, so really I think most people are intimidated by wild animals when they are in a remote area and have no help. In the film we wanted to play on the mystery of the jungle and there’s nothing quite as apex as Dinosaurs. New species are discovered all the time, so why not some kind of evolved, ancient predator? Why not a dinosaur?

Adam Spinks
     The Amazon really is an incredibly vast place so for me, it was easy as a film-maker to slip into the mindset of “what if”. Certainly, if something wanted to remain undiscovered, the Amazon would be one of the few places left on Earth that could realistically support that kind of existence. So from there we really drew on real stories, for example the legend of Mokele Mbembe, or supposed “Swamp Dinosaur” of the Congo, and spin our own yarn from that concept.

What were you looking for in a cast and what did you find in the actors/actresses you have that have really made the film solid in your opinion?

Adam Spinks
     When you’re making a found-footage movie it’s a very different style of film-making than the more traditional cinematic style. So, it was very important that our characters be believable in their roles for every moment that they were on screen. There’s no way of hiding mistakes or errors with cuts because you never shoot the reverse coverage, at least not in a traditional sense, so it is crucial that everyone’s performance in a single take had to be spot on. It was a real challenge.

Ben Loyd-Holmes
     I knew that the cast were going to have challenges, from the material to the terrain, so we needed to find some really strong actors. In terms of the material, creating something that’s ultra real, documentary style, the cast have to deliver very realistic, truthful performance, even more so than on a traditionally filmed movie because it all has to seem normal, even when there’s dinosaurs stomping around, so that’s a huge challenge that they have to undertake. We also were
working in tough environments and that presents challenges so we needed actors that would take on the training and commit to the regime put in place.

Adam Spinks
     What was so great about this film was that we were doing the re-writing of the script as we were casting, so when we locked somebody in for a certain role, we could move forward with a real clarity of vision in who these characters were and what the actor or actress playing them could bring to the part and to the story. It was a fantastic process.

Ben Loyd-Holmes
     The characters and the actors playing them, represent a wide spectrum that bring the whole audience in. Adam offered me the part of John, The Professor, and I snapped it up because the character is just great. But he’s just one of the great characters in the film, which is one of the exciting things about it. We have a layered tapestry of characters that are well played by our cast.

What are you looking forward to from the release of The Expedition and the fans (likemyself ) as we see the"monster era"return to films?

Adam Spinks
     Right now the monster movie genre has never been bigger. The new, highly anticipated Legendary remake of Godzilla is due in just a couple of months and we’re really excited about what The Expedition can add to the genre. We really worked incredibly hard to push ourselves to come up with new and exciting ways to challenge, adapt and innovate within the found-footage mould. It’s a real thrill ride of a movie that will have audiences gripping the edges of their seat!

Ben Loyd-Holmes
     I just can’t wait for everyone to see it! I’m incredibly proud of what we achieved here and I've been keeping the secret of the film for long enough! We made this for people to enjoy and now that’s what I want, just to see it and feel it being enjoyed. There’s been a great reaction to the film so far and we can’t wait till it’s on the big screen in front of the movie goers.

And I'm right there with them! The Expedition is due for wide release this summer and you can find out more at expeditionfootage.com , Expedition Movie , and The Expedition IMDB !


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Time To Get Your Horror Haiku On

     March has come and Seraph Films has brought with it a new screen writing contest just for you! The first annual Horror Haiku competition, which started on March 10th, will run till March 31st 2014 or when 200 submissions have been received. A weekly anthology series which airs on Youtube , their Horror Haiku is looking for original work, no more than 3 pages in length themed in the horror genre and containing (obviously) a Haiku. Oh, and no, your title page and haiku do not count against the 3 page limit. 
     Eight winners will be announced at the end of Episode 10, Season 4 on May 7th 2014 and will be produced by Seraph Films for Season 5. MeeRa Kim, producer of the series says "In our continued efforts to explore the deepest and darkest corners of our imagination, we are reaching out to the collective mind of horror fans across all nations for inspiration."

Well, what more could you ask for than that?! So stop in, check out the links above, get up, get out and get your Horror Haiku on!

There's a lot of "get" going on there....


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I'm sorry, I couldn't resist.

The Ghost of De Maules (Le Loyon)

     "He will be back to haunt you all, because, in the end, a ghost never dies."

     Well, if ever you needed a quick introduction on how to create a character story without 'giving it all away', look no further than Catch Me Kill Me 's latest short film. In under five minutes you are left curious, concerned, haunted, disgusted and wondering what will come next. They don't tell you everything like movie trailers today love to do. No, they tell you just what you need to know in order to be prepared for what is coming.

     Because he is coming.

     And you might just be next.

So stop in, pay attention and get to know The Ghost of De Maules (Le Loyon)

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Dead Of The Nite; Time For Some Fright!

     It looks like 2014 just keeps getting better and better! This time last year I was talking about a number of films & features I was looking forward to and Dead Of The Nite was on that list. Now it has been released in North America, is heading its way to Germany in February and will circle back to the UK in March! The plot is one I'm sure many of us who watch the occasional reality tv ghost hunters have thought of. What if something more malevolent than ghosts are going bump in the night during their investigation? What will they do when the bodies start piling up, or disappearing all together? Can they figure it out before they become apart of the lore that drew them to the dreary haunted mansion in the first place? Maybe we should be asking the caretaker himself. After all, Tony Todd is the man with all the answers, right?

     Available on DVD and VOD, Dead Of The Nite is one film I hope you are all adding to your collection right now and don't be afraid to grab that extra pillow to hide behind, or root for the killer lurking in the shadows.


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It's 2014 and You've Urned It!

Well, it's a new year, 2013 is still breathing in a shallow grave, but we've walked off and there is no better way to celebrate 2014 than with supporting a sweepstakes! From now till the end of January you can enter to win $1000 and possibly some cool Ts from @Tshirtbordello ! Here's the link -> Tshirtbordello Facebook and check out the image below for more details.


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Merry Bah Humbug 2013!

     Well another year is rolling to a close as the dead are dragging themselves from one relatives house to the next with packages they wish would leave a trail of smoke behind once opened and I am ready to bang it all out....or is that go out with a bang? Nope. Definitely banging it all out. So let's wrap up this year in garbage bags full of goodies to make this holiday season worth enduring as well as things to look forward to in 2014!

     Up first is the long awaited release of the Indie Horror flick Screen from David P. Baker starring Nicole M. Alonso and Leslie Andrews about a haunted tragic drive-in theater that isn't done with you yet! I was one of countless fans who helped support this movie in being made and I am ecstatic to see what you think of it! Personally, this will be on my viewing list when I'm sitting at home on Christmas with the cat drinking some Irish Whiskey and eating a Cornish Hen like Gollum. I hope most of you are doing the same. That includes the whiskey.

Up next is a new release from www.tshirtbordello.com where you can get all of your favorite classic and current Horror fiends in the most inappropriate poses...or amusing. Your choice. Don ( Tshirtbordello ) sent me this little treat just last week. I mean really, doesn't this capture the entire concept of Freddy vs Jason ? It was like the never ending selfie. Nonetheless, this shirt is fantastic and with a revamped site & store making its way towards 2014 you have to add them to your list of must have and give me now please.

Right behind them is a new follow for me that I'm rather jealous about. Why? Because Aaron Crawford is getting to do what we both love; making a living off of drawing some gore-tastic nasties. I mean, have you visited cavitycolors.com yet? No? Good, I may still have a chance. But still, you should really check out how incredibly awesome his work is.
 I personally love this piece cleverly titled The Frightful Weather and he only makes me strive to one day succeed at the level he has. So stop in, show him some love, and tell him I'm watching, oh I'm so watching....for my chance to be right at his level.

     And last but most definitely not least is a new book that was directed my way from author Nick Brown called "Skendleby" which you can find at nickbrownbooks.com . This is on my list for my next great read as it dives into archeology, psychic healers,  and sinister monsters in one spine tingling tale. Oh, and there may be some possession going on as well as someone being buried alive. Who wouldn't love that? Reading about it I mean, unless of course you're buried alive with this book then I think you'd be settled. Anyway, be sure to stuff this into someones coffin, I mean stocking, which ever and keep a copy for yourself when you're home alone on a dark stormy night and need a good read.

     Which brings me to 2014 and another monster lurking about in ancient depths while a research team chases down endangered species and deeply rooted superstitions. The talented SJ Evans (who was Line Producer on this) shares with us The Expedition which is due for release this coming year. Being a fan myself of not just the book "Relic" but the movie as well, I've been long over due for another creature feature like it and I cannot wait to see the trailer when it drops.


The Inn Series S3 Epi4-5; Time To Say Goodbye

     "My car didn't break down here. I broke down here."

     Jane's got no choice at the moment, at least, she doesn't believe she does. She has to free her husband, yet she has to run just like Teddy said, she has to know the truth; where ever that may take her to. But can she handle it? Can she pay the price The Inn requires to set things right. Can you?

     Sigh. It is always a little sad to see such great things come to an end. Though many chapters could possibly still go on, this one has to finally be done. There were so many puzzle pieces shuffled around last we saw Jane, her husband and Teddy in the doorway of a room at The Inn. Who could you trust? The blind keeper with a shovel in hand adamant only one person could leave? Her husband who swears everything she has been running from and experiencing is all in her head? The boy and the young man who warn her, fearing for her life at the hands of said Hubby? What is the truth?

     Well, the pieces have now been properly arranged and the story they weave is far more disturbing than anything you, I or Jane could have believed. At what point do you have to hold someone accountable for a tragedy they created? When do you accept that some things in this world cannot go unpunished? That there has to be a sacrifice? There is someone....or something....setting a balance in place and sometimes things simply have to happen in order to keep that so....at The Inn.
     Steve Silverman, Crystal Chappell, Mark Gantt, Denise Alexander, Chuck Sloan, Ray Proscia, Kyle David Pierce and Stuart Allen along with the rest of the production team that delivered on The Inn Series, I salute you with dual devil horns \m/ \m/. Stories like The Inn are not as prevalent in the Horror community as they once were and it is a shame. You didn't just deliver a Hitchcockian web series, you touched into the ink stained worlds of Agatha Christie, Theodore Dreiser and even Edgar Allen Poe. Where society today is riddled with the notion of "Supernatural" or "Paranormal" you simply crafted a world of normal that treats the unbelievable as "just is" and I thank you greatly for that.
     Like all Inns though, the doors are still open with guests arriving and lives unfolding. The show American Horror Story has made a series out of telling tales centered around a single location or character and though I don't watch it as it is not a model of Horror I'm drawn to, I am very curious to see what could come next for The Inn. Past the credits on the final episode you find yourself having a moment with two eccentric characters and it leaves you wanting to know more. It is quite perfect in its delivery and does the job in enticing you into who or what could possibly arrive next to carry them onward.

If you haven't seen The Inn Series yet, I highly recommend you watch Seasons 1-3 in their entirety. You will be pulled in just like the rest of us and I have no doubt you wont be checking out.

Oh, and kudos to Pomplamoose on being the final song. I've followed their career for years so it was nice to hear them singing, well, "Goodbye".


until next time,

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Halloween Top 5 Movie List 2013

     Samhain is upon us and we all have that need to celebrate it with tricks, treats and terrifying movies! For your viewing pleasure, I've put together my top favorite movies from this year, including my favorite show to marathon on this special day. So sit back, add them to your nightly reel and get ready to scream!

     If you are looking to add a hardcore creature feature to your list, Altered is the movie for you. We're talking gore that will spill your guts out and a story that will make you cower under the stars. There are not many monster films that can leave you terrified, most are hokey in some way, but this one will! If you have netflix, be sure to add this to your que.

     When it comes to foreign films, this year Muoi: Legend of a Portrait took my breath and my soul away. Not only is the story haunting & intriguing as a revenge film, it's also incredibly beautiful and intricate like nothing I've seen in a long time. Ju-on: The Grudge doesn't even compare to this film so be sure to add it to your viewing pleasure & yes, it is on netflix.

     The top movie from the horror franchise this year is undoubtedly The Conjuring. Like many others I got to see this in theaters and it will definitely be on my list of dvds to pick up for Halloween. It's not just well told, which is never a surprise when James Wan is involved, but it is very creepy. Children in horror movies are disturbing enough, add childish games with demonic possession and you have a film where keeping the lights off might not be the best idea. But I still recommend it nonetheless!

     A lot of families struggle to find the right movies for everyone to watch and enjoy during this all hallow eve. For me, when it comes to an all audience film that is not only scary but fun as well, I go for Scooby Doo, particularly Camp Scare. You've got 'The Woodsman', a 'Fishman' and a spectral witch tormenting people at summer camp. It's like the National Lampoons meets Mel Brooks with a bit of awesome 80s horror thrown in for fun. The artwork is just phenomenal, the monster encounters are scary & amusing and the whole movie in general is perfect for kids of all ages. Just don't turn the lights off if you or your kids can't handle it .

     And if there is one show to marathon on this special night, it's Paranormal Witness. Not only are the stories here terrifyingly real, they cover many spectrums of the unexplained and will leave you hiding beneath your blankets while keeping your eyes and ears out for anything that may be watching you. These encounters, like the people involved, will remain with you for the rest of the year to come and it is the perfect way to pay tribute to Samhain.

Until next time,

sit back, relax & enjoy!

The Inn Series S3 Epi 3: Get The Keys!

     "Check out is not until eleven am."

     Jane is unraveling faster than she can get the keys from a sleeping Teddy. The haunting young man she keeps seeing is warning her away from freeing her husband. Is he feeding her truths? Or lies? And when Teddy awakens, will it costs Jane and her husband their lives?

     Epi 3 from season 3 of The Inn Series is one of those "oooooh" owl faced moments followed by a devilish smile. Because I liked it. I really liked it (I'm sure mikey did too). Not only has the story shifted, but so too has the characters. Or maybe not, depending upon what you believe you are seeing. Kyle David Pierce has that innocent boyish appeal to him that easily shifts when he smiles rather disturbingly. You can't be sure if he's there to help Jane, mess with Jane or is really apart of Jane; after all, we don't know what is all in her head and what is not. It is still unclear as well if her hubby can be trusted. Like I've said before, never trust a smiling man who is claiming to be distressed about someone he supposedly loves.

     That then also leaves us with dear ol' Teddy, the benevolent (or not so) Inn Keeper who is responsible for Jane's hubby being handcuffed to a bed frame in the first place. He hasn't done anything directly to Jane yet, but the confusion about what he can or cannot see is just as mysterious as what the hell is he doing with that fucking shovel?! Ahem. Ray Proscia really does look like one of those pod people from an old Goosebumps episode. The only thing he is missing is plants growing out of the top of his head. He's creepy, even creepier than Kyle because we just don't know what or who he is. So what comes next? Does Teddy fertilize his flower garden? (If you've never heard "the gardner" by the tallest man on earth, I recommend it at this point) Does Jane kick his ass kung fu style? Or does someone else appear?

Until next time,

sit back, relax & don't forget to scream!

Paranormal Podcasts for Halloween!

There is nothing better during the Halloween season than sitting down and listening to things that go bump in the night that inspire our favorite Horror movies! Just for all of you, I've gathered my top favorite Paranormal Podcasts that will send chills up your spine and raise the hair on your body. So sit back, check these podcasts out and give them a listen!

     Who doesn't love sitting around a camp fire telling ghosts stories. Especially if those stories are true! Not only does Jim Harold cover a wide variety of topics from True Crimes to Weird News, but he also interviews active individuals within the paranormal community and has Campfire tales featuring callers from across the world! If you're looking to explore, stop in and check out Jim Harold's Paranormal Podcast .

     If you're looking Into The Dark you'll find Steve Rogers & Shawn McMahon  @IntoTheDrkRadio  lurking about catching up on the latest goings-on in the paranormal! From the strange to the bizarre, from Cryptozoology to UfOs, Steve and Shawn will pull you in and, alongside you, look into the latest creepers bumping along in the night!

     Once you move past the darkness, you may just find yourself Beyond The Edge and in the company of Eric Altman  @beyondter , Lon Strickler  @PhantomMonster  and Sean Forker  @SeanForker  where they will take you past just the spooky & strange and straight into the unknown! They may very well hold the map that says "Here be monsters"!

     Speaking of maps and monsters, there is no better place to have a map than when you are in a bunker underground, miles from civilization and tuning into the The Gralien Report with Micah Hanks  @MicahHanks  and his fellow mouths of the south! They don't just cover what might be crawling behind you, but what could be coming up from further below you and who might be looking in from above! If you're as paranoid as I am & enjoy Conspiracy theories along with your paranormal entities, then The Gralien Report  @GralienReport  is for you! 

     Now if you keep digging down you might just find yourself coming out on the Australian side of the world. Well, maybe if you detour a bit, but nevertheless, if you end up there then you have to check out Mysterious Universe ! With Benjamin Grundy  @benjamingrundy , Aaron Wright  @azzwright  and Elliot Birch  @skelliot  behind the mic, you'll find yourself in a world beyond our own full of far much more than mysteries and our own universe! Plus, Aussie accents, where could you go wrong? Except if you detour the other way...then you might find yourself in China...

Either way, these great podcasts will get you into the Halloween spirit and if you find yourself under a blanket tent with a flashlight or torch looking warily at the shadows, don't blame me, just enjoy it! 

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